A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Polly Acres Pre Alpha is my first full game, I started work in January 2017 and plan to have a polished version out by June. Right now the game is basically in creative mode, other then the hammer witch still requires coins. But play around, find coins and build things and shoot things if you want, all Items are in the inventory by pressing the "E" key. Thats all for now!


mac.zip 42 MB
Linux.zip 42 MB
windows.zip 39 MB


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I just quickly tested it :)

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Dude That's so sick! so sorry for not getting back to your before but if you press 1 and 2 in the game you can active your sword and your gun 1 for the gun and 2 for the sword, also if you shoot the large bow with the gun by pressing 1 you can kill it, and you can pick the berries by clicking on the bushes, and the coins do work just the grey one takes one coin away and the gold one adds one, and the small cube can be picked up and dragged around if you click and drag by looking up, the only issue is if you just click on it it will teleport into the ground and vanish. also I am currently working on a building system like rust so yeah! thanks so much for playing!

Well it has potential but you have to spend a lot of time if you decide to finnish it. The enviroment is good,i like the style. But there is no gameplay, when i pick up coins the coin counter doesn't work. When you 'Shoot' you actually get boosted up into the air, try removing the collision between the balls and the player in the Edit->Physics tab. Also the movement needs a rework, the player doesn't stop moving when i let go of the movement keys. But i think it has potential.Good Job!